Pikachu - A multifunctional discord bot.

Pikachu offers hundreds of commands for every need.

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Main features

Musical Note


Jam out to music using a high quality audio player, capable of playing from multiple sources, access to playlists and more.

Hammer and Wrench


Keep your server safe using in-depth moderation tools. From automoderation tools using ReGex to muting, banning and quickly locking down your server.



Get back to catching those pokémon with Pikachu's pokecord system! New features are constantly being added to bring it up-to-par with the original.

Game Pad

Game Statistics

Check out your stats for some for popular games such as R6 Siege, COD MW and even your faceit account statistics!

Picture Frame

Image Manipulation

Spruce up your images with the image manipulation commands commonly found on Dank Memer and NotSoBot!

Plus Tick


Spend your time working or commiting crimes to spend in the casino and on games such as roulette, blackjack etc.

Plus Tick


Ever feel like being notified when your favourite streamer or youtube goes live? Pikachu has configurable stream alerts to suit your need.


Adventure RPG

Fight your way through monsters, gathering gear and prove you're the best adventurer out there.

Plus Tick

and lots more

Pikachu features too many commands to list, the help menu portrays a curated list and the rest can be found on the dashboard.